How many of you remember back 9 years ago when web pages with flashy illustrations and animations that overwhelmed the visitors and drive away peers was a trend in web design. Then came a shift toward skeuomorphic design, which attempted to bring real life to the screen, with faux-realistic textures, drop shadows and real object characteristics and yes people used to like them.

Attention web and user interface designers, a new trend or style is taking the world of UI and website design – FLAT DESIGN. It is a minimalistic approach and style to designing websites and UI where we take a step back, strip away all the 3D elements, gradients, shadows and effects. it rebels against the idea of using unrealistic elements in the process of website design and upholds the importance of focusing more on user centric design by emphasizing aesthetic appeals of designing elements and by making a strong proposition in favor of minimalism.

The lack of flashy design doesn´t mean is boring on the other hand it uses contrasting colors, clean layouts and sharp typography, simple images communicate messages more easily, the simplicity of the imagery makes it very easy to understand the message.

I’m a big fan of flat design. It’s already hard for users to keep attention on the website message and content, so a simple, clean, spacious design without lots of useless design bells-and-whistles is surely a good things. Flat design is easy on the eyes so users can actually focus on their experience. Critics of this movement would say that Flat designs lack work and research, but to me that’s simply not a strong argument since I think clear and useful layouts are even harder to create.

So what do you think, do you like flat design?

Here you have some amazing examples of flat design.