taj-mahalWe see symmetry in our daily life; architecture, pottery, carpets, arts and crafts and even music to name a few. But do we see it in web design? First of all lets define symmetry: “Symmetry is the exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis.”

Some figures have one line of symmetry. Many others have more than one line of symmetry. What about a circle, how many lines of symmetry does it have?… if you said infinite, is correct!


In web design is rarely seen, most designers dont use it. The mayority of designs we seen on the web are structured with the logo on the left, navigation on top or left and a side bar to the right. When symmetry in web design is used you create a perfect balance and harmony to the elements that compose the web page, if you use it wisely you can design wonderful layouts!

In the next examples I will show you how some designers are using it with great results.












What do you think about using symmetry in web design? do you use it frequently?